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Happy 90th Birthday!

Mother opens a blanket given to her by Natalee for her birthday

It was my mother's 90th birthday, and we made a trip to Dyer to see her and celebrate with her. Here she's looking at a new super-warm blanket given her by Natalee.

The discoloration on the side of her face is the aftermath of some terrible bruising sustained from a fall.


Aidan McChesney says, "Its MY birthday and I'll eat MY cake MY way!" Actually, his cousins thought it was "really cool" that he looked like he had a bloody nose!

We were happy to be included in Aidan's first birthday celebration up at his uncle Charlie Allen's place. There are more pictures on flickr of course.

It's my birthday and I'll eat MY cake MY way!

Grandmother Dorothy was looking pretty colorful herself

Aidan's grandmother Dorothy Allen was looking pretty colorful herself.

Ed was back in the States for Edward's graduation from primary school. The whole family is joining him in China for the foreseeable future, and we got invited out for a farewell dinner of Texas BBQ at Spring Creek. I snapped these pictures as we were leaving. Don't know what Nenette has been feeding Edward, but he's shooting up like a weed!

Nenette, Ed and Edward Nance at Spring Creek BBQ

Carol Mannon, Alice McCutceon, Angie and Jim Harrison

While we were visiting in West Tennessee, we took off one afternoon to go up to Paris and visit with some high school friends of mine. Alice Ball McCutcheon has lived in Paris for years, and her best "buddy" Carol Mannon recently retired, bought the house next door to Alice, and moved to Paris.

While we were there they took us out to the Paris Winery and showed us the sights. Here we're sitting outside the soon to be open restaurant at the Winery.

L-R: Carol Mannon, Alice McCutcheon, Angie Harrison, and Jim Harrison.

There are more pictures from the trip here on Flickr and more pictures from Dyer here.

We got invited over to Russ' place for a crayfish dinner this weekend. The boys cooked up about 50 lbs of crawfish along with wurst and steaks.

They might have overdone the spices just a tad as Lewis looks like he's about as red as the crawfish!

Ben, Lewis and Russ Tong chowing down on crawfish

The Dallas Arboretum

It's been a busy spring for us, and we barely had time to get down to the Arboretum to see the blooms. More pictures here on flickr, and I'll be adding even more when I get the time.

I finally made it up in time to get to a "First Friday Breakfast"! There was a very good turnout as you can see. At our table, there's Jim Wallner, Joe Culp talking to Ralph Ashbury, Bill Gaylor, Gil McCombs, Jim Harrison, and Hector Hinojosa. And at the table behind I can make out Jerry Brown, Park Dolph, Everett Turvey, Max Schaeffer, Bill Kiefer, Peter Grau, and Vic Cawosky.

Lots more pictures here, or just click on the picture.

These Guys were heroes of Mine!

1947 Dyer, TN VFW Baseball team

Thanks to cousin Natalee Carne Reed for this picture of the
1947 Dyer, Tennessee VFW baseball team!

Five or six years after this was taken, I got to go to almost all their games courtesy of my uncle Nat Carne!

Front Row, L-R: John L. Hudson, Billy Davidson, Charles Hudson

Second Row, L-R: Harry "Red" Anderson, Harvey Gordon, Dick Mercer, Nat Carne, Robert Holland McDaniel, Larry Hudson, Jim Goad

Third Row, L-R: Horace McEwen & son Charles, Charlie McDaniel, Gerald Finch, Guy Trim, Dutch Hutchison, Edgar Mercer, Billy Holt

We dropped by to visit with the Allens up in Wylie one evening, and we all wound up exploring old downtown Wylie. April, Angie, and Isabella found the perfect spot for a tea party in this curio store which just happened to sell tea, coffee, and ice cream!

April Allen, Angie Harrison, and Isabella Allen in Wylie store

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