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Spring 2002

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Our next stop was at Daingerfield State Park. For a little less than a week, the wisteria blooms in the pines. These vines have climbed to the tops of 100 ft plus pine trees, and make a spectacular sight!

Daingerfield Park wisteria in the pine trees

This wisteria is also climbing to new heights!

This wisteria has also climbed to the tops of the pines right beside the road. Some years you can locate the flowers just by listening for the bees. This is a fairly common site in East Texas.  

This is not a good year for bluebonnets, the favorite wildflower in Texas. A lack of Fall rains and some severe late spring freezes combined to make a poor showing.

Bluebonnets are kind'a sparse this year!

"My" bluebonnets at the rear of the house

I have a patch of bluebonnets at the rear of the yard where they get the southern sun bouncing off a stone wall and the concrete ally. While they're thick and showy this year, even these are only about half as tall as usual.

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