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Scout's Rest 1999

Nestled into North Platte Nebraska is a small state park which houses "Scout's Rest", the home ranch of Buffalo Bill Cody. This was his home. Not exactly what I expected. Scout's Rest - Home of Buffalo Bill Cody

Barn at Scout's Rest The barn was a work of art in itself. The wild west show of course had a lot of valuable stock to take care of, and this is where it was housed.
Look close at the eve at the top of the barn or the enlargement at left. The Ace of Hearts with a bullet hole in it was the calling card of Annie Oakley. Each of the rafters under the roof (see detail in the picture at right) were sawn to resemble gun stocks. Nebraska has done a very good job restoring the buildings here.
If you're interested in reading more about Bill and the Wild West Show, check out this site! (Lot's of graphics too - be patient - it's worth it!) Bill went on from Nebraska to found Cody, Wyoming, and was eventually laid to rest on Lookout Mountain (near Denver) in 1917.
Rafter ends on Scout's Rest Barn


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