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The Nance Girls

Lorrie and Amy Nance are some more of "our kids". Lorrie was born in the old Richardson Hospital on Spring Valley back when we were all living in Town House Gardens Apartments. Amy came along a few years later.

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Here's Lorrie demonstrating that she really can fill my boots. Looks like a natural cowgirl doesn't she? This was taken at Town House Gardens Apartments. I think we were babysitting the girls at the time. Ralph had just brought over a new TV for us to keep while he was off to Jamaica, and we discovered that it was a natural playpen for Amy. Lorrie could climb out though, so she got special attention.

Lorrie fills my boots - or is she practicing to be a cowgirl?

Later the Nance family took the plunge and built this Fox and Jacobs home in Garland, just across Jupiter Road from Richardson near Arapaho road. I'd never been that far East on Arapaho at that time and wondered why they were moving out in the East Texas Cotton fields. Walt helped Ed build that fence. From the size of the trees and newness of the fence, this must have been the year they moved in.

3410 Russwood Lane

Lorrie in her little red wagon in her backyard.

I guess Lorrie must have been in Hog Heaven with that big back yard to play in. As you can see, it was equipped with a swing set and a little red wagon. Just what every girl needs! Needless to say, she was everybody's sweetheart at this age.

I think Lorrie must have thought she had the ultimate doll when Amy came along. Although Amy hasn't got much hair in this picture, she more than made up for it later!

Amy and Lorrie Nance

Amy and Angie at White Rock Lake

Shortly after this, Angie and I got married. One 4th of July we all decided to have a picnic down at White Rock Lake in Dallas. Amy was beginning to walk pretty well by this time. Here's Angie with Amy on the shores of White Rock Lake.

I think that must have been the hottest 4th of July Picnic I can ever remember! Amy was the only cool looking one of the bunch. We didn't dally long after eating, but instead came back home enjoyed some air conditioning. Probably some Van Merit beer too. (It was almost as cheap as water!)

Left to Right, Lorrie, Ralph Eakes, Walt Bailey, Ed Nance, Amy, and Angie.

Lorrie, Ralph, Walt, Ed, Amy, and Angie at White Rock Lake

Angie, Amy, Jim, and Lorrie at our house on  Duke

A few years later Angie convinced me that we needed to get out of the apartment and buy a house too. So, we moved out Arapaho, but not quite so far. We wound up in the wheat fields of Richardson about a quarter of a mile West of Ed.

Here we are with the girls in the den of our new house.

Lorrie had a birthday party, which of course, we all attended. From the looks of things, including the candles, this must have been number four or thereabouts. She looks pretty pleased with things.

Lorrie has a birthday


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