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The Nance Girls
- continued -

Time marches on. Even little girls grow up. The family moved to Hong Kong, and lived there until the girls came back to the states to go to college.

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Lorrie's dad bought her a red MR2 while she was in college. She left it at our house while she went home to Hong Kong for Christmas one year. Angie's parents were visiting us at the time. We had a right nice snow that Christmas. Angie and her father with Lorrie's MR2 after snow storm

Lorrie outside Chinese store We made it to Hong Kong one year for Christmas ourselves. Ed and Carla treated us to a great trip to Macao on the hydrofoil. While we were there, we went up into China for a day trip. Lorrie came along. Here's a picture I snapped of her outside a typical Chinese store.

While Amy was still going to Hong Kong International school, she got in plenty of traveling. Here's a picture of her in - well, somewhere! Not sure if she's deep in thought, angry, or just tired. World traveler Amy Nance

Lorrie and a friend at the Oasis on Lake Travis, Austin Angie and I stopped in Austin to see Lorrie, and offered her and a friend a free lunch if she'd show us the way to the Oasis, a restaurant built on the cliffs overlooking Lake Travis. She managed to find it and we all enjoyed a good Mexican lunch with a great view.

We really had a better time than the pictures would indicate! You can see some of the terraces and stairs in this shot. Last time I was there the count was up in the twenties for the terraces. They are built right on the face of the cliff, providing a great view. The Oasis bills itself as "The Sunset Capital of Texas".

Amy Nance Well, as you can see from her high school picture, Amy grew up to have plenty of hair, in contrast to that baby picture!

Lorrie and Amy actually made it to our house together a few times while one or both were in College. Lorrie was going to school at UT Austin, and Amy later attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. They dropped by the Harrison Hilton every now and then.
One time when they were visiting, Angie and I treated them and their friend (JR) to a trip to Six Flags over Texas. We all had a great time.


This was a few years later at our house. Both the girls and their dad were visiting.


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