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Lone Star Park
Alcatel day at the races

On 14 June 1997 Alcatel Leadership Association sponsored a trip to Lone Star Park to watch the horses race. This was my first trip to a horse track, although Angie had been to Louisiana Downs Previously.

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Alcatel shared a tent with a few other corporations. We were just down from the finish line, so we had a pretty good view of things. Of course the tent was equipped with TVs and betting windows, all (most) all the necessities. (The restrooms were back in the main building, unfortunately.)

Under the Tent


And they're off!

Here's a race just starting. As you can see, we had a great view from the tent.


Did I mention that it was HOT? I think this was the first really hot day of the summer, and besides being hot, the humidity must have been in triple digits. They did a brisk business in iced tea!

Even under the tent, it was HOT!


Linda and Carol have a serious lunch.

Order Management was well represented, and it looks like we got our share of the food.


Linda got her share of the ribs and corn. He husband didn't do bad either! I beat them to it, and come to think of it, from the looks of the line (do you see any line?), they must be going back for seconds or thirds.

Linda and her husband scarf up some more ribs


Beverly Hayes tries to pick a winner

Beverly brought along some help to pick the winning pony. She was back at work Monday, so I assume she didn't win too big.


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