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Tong Wedding 2005

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Ben and Russ Tong at Old Fort Parker park

Here are two of "our kids" a year or two back when we took them down to check out Old Fort Parker and the State Park. Their mother would probably have collapsed in hysterics if she'd known I let her precious darlings get that close to the water! That's Ben on the left, and Russ Tong on the right.

Today.... well look below!

Seems like only a few years later, and by gosh, they're all grown up and Russ is getting married! Ben as usual was there for his brother, this time as best man. Didn't even lose the ring either!

Ben and Russ Tong at Russ' wedding

Russ and Julie with Julie's family

Julie's family was well represented and posed with the bride and groom after the ceremony.

The groom's parents, Albert and Hellie Tong, were beaming as well.

Albert and Hellie Tong


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