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2005 Thanksgiving Holiday visit to Tennessee
November 2005

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Angie put the finishing touches on a great Turkey Dinner

Yes, we made it to Tennessee for Thanksgiving again this year, and NO, it didn't snow or sleet or have any tornadoes (they were the week before!)

Angie did her usual magnificent job of providing turkey and dressing for everybody, and we ate like kings. Seemed like most everyone in Dyer was sick with "the crud", but we managed to, knock on wood, escape without catching it.

I don't know what on earth they've been feeding that boy, but Samuel has suddenly shot up like a weed. He's a half-head taller than his big brother Nathan now, and doesn't show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Samuel has shot up like a weed this year

We put that height to good use decorating the Christmas tree

Again Nathan volunteered to do the family Christmas decorations, and when it came to topping off the tree with the traditional angel, Samuel's newfound height was put to good use.

Now every job of any real complexity needs a good supervisor, and who better than a school teacher/librarian? Here Natalee does her best "Miss Katy Lee" imitation and tells the boys what to work on next.

Every job needs a good supervisor

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