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Last Revised 15 May 2010
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Dennis Schnell turns 60!Man, that Dennis really gets around for an old dude!

Dennis turned 60 and we got a party! That dapper young man with the hat in the background was Dennis in his younger days. Carol swears he was a Chicago mobster in training.

Looks like Lon can't believe all the blondes Dennis keeps  attracting! Carol's keeping a watchful eye out too!

Peggy and Jimmy Thompson were at the party. First time we've seen them in a long time.

Peggy and Jimmy Thompson

Lon and Connie Thomas, Sandy Roddie

This is a smiley bunch for sure! Lon and Connie Thomas were joined by Sandy Roddie for a picture.

Pat May, Jody Riley, Connie Thomas, and Charlie May enjoy some of the food that was offered.

Hungry realtors!

This looks like a realtor's convention!

Sure looks like everyone was having a good time. L-R: Dot Parton, Charlie May, Connie Thomas, Jody Riley, Pat May, Angie Harrison.

Jim Harrison, Lon Thomas, Joe Parton

Right: Their three meal tickets, Connie Thomas, Angie Harrison, Dot Parton

Left: The three retirees, Jim Harrison, Lon  Thomas, and Joe Parton

Connie Thomas, Angie Harrison, Dot Parton

Jimmy presents Dennis with some custom "Seat Covers"

Jimmy Thompson got busy and spent the afternoon putting together a set of custom "seat covers" for Dennis. They came with a complete set of instructions, and some, uh, novel attachments.


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