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Christmas in Texas - 2003
Last Revised 15 May 2010

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Christmas snuck up on us this year. On the night before Christmas eve, we finally got caught up with things and decided to drop by North Park Shopping Mall and "get into the Christmas spirit". First time I've been there in a long time. A lot of changes, but some things, such as the Santa Sleigh hanging led by Rudolph, all made from pecans, were still the same.

Rudolph is still at Northpark

The fountain and lights

Here's something that looked familiar. The fountain at North Park had its customary curtain of lights and was surrounded by Christmas trees.

This sure wasn't here the last time I went shopping! I was beginning to wonder if I was still in Dallas or had been teleported to the red-light district of Amsterdam!

I guess this store must be for the OLDER Kiddies!

Am I in Northpark?

Angie at the Flores

Maggie, Alejandro, and Alex invited us to have Christmas Eve dinner with them. As usual, Maggie has the house decorated beautifully.

Angie found a soft, warm spot in front of the fire and proceeded to relax.



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