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Some old friends reminiscing at Joe Cook's funeral

Bill Gaylor is spinning a long involved "Joe Cook Story" to Paul Hartman and Dr. Sobel. Bill hasn't changed a bit, has he? You can almost imagine Cook popping up to put in his two cents worth too! Looks like Ron Seymour is taking notes.

Gaylor tells a Cook story to Paul Hartman and Hal Sobel

Bill Gaylor, Paul Hartman, and Dr. Hal Sobel

Everybody had fond memories of the days at Collins with Joe Cook.

Here are Bill Gaylor, Paul Hartman, and Hal Sobel

When I was a green, young systems engineer, these two guys were the resident wizards in R&D who dug me out of more holes than I care to remember. Bill Stiefer and Wayne Winget shared an office in 402 in those days.

Bill Stiefer and Wayne Winget


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