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Rockwell-Collins Retirees Association
Thursday April 11, 2002
Richardson Civic Center

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Bob Scriven, Clyde Sample, and Dave Kuester

The Friday breakfast bunch (see below) invited me to drop by the Rockwell Retiree meeting at the Richardson Civic Center the following Thursday. They had a huge turnout, and I got to see many, many friends I hadn't seen in a long, long time.

Here is Bob Scriven talking to Clyde Sample and Dave Kuester.

It was a real treat to see Bob Scriven, K5WFL, and Bill Gaylor. These guys were the ones all of us went to for help when we were just getting started in Microwave systems engineering. Bob was probably afraid I was going to ask another dumb question on how to calculate a Tropo-scatter path!

Fred Hartke, Leroy Godell, Gordon Christian, and Dave Kuester

Fred Hartke, Leroy Godell, Gordon Christian, and Dave Kuester were some more familiar faces I was glad to see.

Bob Scriven and Dave Kuester. Bob's still hamming as K5WFL and is active on the internet too. He doesn't run quite as fast as he used to, but then neither do I!

Bob Scriven and Dave Kuester

Warren Bruene

Warren Bruene, W50LY, the man who "wrote the book" on Single Sideband. His book, "Single Sideband Principles and Circuits" - E.W. Pappenfus, Warren B. Bruene, E. O. Schoenike,  had a prominent place on my bookshelf right beside Terman. And I just dug it out to assure myself that I still have it! Warren probably doesn't know me, but every ham at least knows him.

Another of the old gang, Johnny Beckerich just never changes. It was good to see him again.

Johnny Beckerich

Ed Sims

Ed Sims was there, looking fit as a fiddle.

Stan Fong decided to try and look mean when I was taking his picture. Stan couldn't be mean if he had to! He broke up laughing a second later.

Stan Fong, trying to look mean

Jenny and Gene Simmons

Jenny and Gene Simmons were all smiles after purchasing a copy of the book "Arthur Collins - Radio Wizard" I also purchased a copy while I was there.

Collins Book by Ben W. Stearns
They've gotten deep into genealogy now, and have even published a book. Wayne Winget wandered up as we were talking and noted that he's hooked too!

I stopped to sign up just before I left. Before I finished someone else came along to do the same. I recognized the voice even before I looked up to see who it was. Parke Dolph was also at the meeting for the first time.

Parke Dolph

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