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State Fair 2000

Pick any thumbnail below to begin viewing pictures from the Texas State Fair 2000. All pictures are linked in chronological order by navigation buttons at the bottom right of each individual page. Clicking on the pictures on the individual pages will open up a new window with full sized pictures which are generally 800x600 pixels and approximately 40K in size. You may right click and save any that you wish when viewing the individual pages.

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Play House
Thumbs/tn_20000929 003.jpg
Thumbs/tn_20000929 004.jpg
Food Court
Thumbs/tn_20000929 006.jpg
Best Legs in Texas
Thumbs/tn_20000929 007.jpg
Western Heritage
Thumbs/tn_20000929 008.jpg
Thumbs/tn_20000929 009.jpg
Thumbs/tn_20000929 010.jpg
Buck Taylor
Thumbs/tn_20000929 011.jpg
Thumbs/tn_20000929 014.jpg
Dallas' Finest
Thumbs/tn_20000929 015.jpg
Marine Corp. Band
Thumbs/tn_20000929 017.jpg
Mrs. Baird's
Thumbs/tn_20000929 019.jpg
Tom Thumb
Thumbs/tn_20000929 025.jpg
Moon Rise
Thumbs/tn_20000929 026.jpg
Reagan's Stetson
Thumbs/tn_20000929 027.jpg
Roy Rogers hat
Thumbs/tn_20000929 028.jpg
Big Tex's boots
Thumbs/tn_20000929 031.jpg
Women's museum

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