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Eddie Nance

Ben Lowe and I got tagged by Ed and Nenette to be the Godfathers of Eddie (Edward Cano Nance). Eddie put in his first appearance in Hong Kong on the ninth of January 1995. Ben and I are doing our best to see to it that the boy receives a well rounded educational experience to prepare him for life. Furthermore, I'm trying to educate the boy in the fine art of being a Texan.

His daddy insists that he be called EDWARD, not Eddie. Therefore, I shall, of course, have to call him Eddie. He also pointed out that I couldn't spell Cano.

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When Eddie first showed up on our doorstep in Richardson, we fixed him up with a real, made in the USA, Texas Teddy bear. He was especially fond of the hat, and ate most of it! As you can see, we got him started enjoying the outdoors as soon as possible.

Eddie with his Texas Teddy Bear


Start them out early and right!

We had the boy out strolling in the woods on his first visit. This picture was taken down next to the Spring Creek trail, just below Owens Spring Creek Farm. By the way, that hat I'm wearing is courtesy of Stanley Joe, and says "No Beer - No Work". Very appropriate I thought.


The boy took to swinging right off the bat. Or maybe it was just Angie that he took to!



Ben Lowe with Eddie

Later on during this visit to the US, the family made a stop by Ben and Laura's place down in Alabama, and Eddie got his picture taken with his other Godfather. I can see Ben is taking this seriously too.



Well all good things eventually come to an end. Ed and Nenette finished up their business in the states, including contracting for the building of their new home in Richardson. Then they took my Godson and went back to Hong Kong! Darned inconsiderate I thought.

I stayed busy supervising the building of the new Nance home, which was, shall we say, an interesting task. Never again!



While I'm freezing my bohunkus off raising Cain with builders and taking pictures of construction in Richardson, over in Hong Kong, everyone got all dressed up for a picture taking session.

Then Nance family all dressed up in Hong Kong



The long awaited day finally arrived, and the Nances moved their home to Richardson. While finishing up the final touches to their new house (and there are some good stories there - just ask Ed), Ed, Nenette, Eddie and his Aunt Leony stayed with us at the "Harrison Hilton". Things finally got completed satisfactorily on the house and the move completed.

Nenette and Leony immediately set about decorating the place while Ed started getting his office in shape



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