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2002 Thanksgiving Holiday visit to Tennessee
November - December 2002

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Visiting with cousin Gene Harkey

We did make it back to Tennessee for Thanksgiving, and had a great time. On the second day we were home, my first cousin, Gene Harkey, came down from Manchester and spent a day with us. I really enjoyed getting reacquainted with him after all these years, and look forward to visiting him at his home soon.

This year I got to spend some extra time at home, and got in a lot of visiting as well as some genealogical work.

Just before we left for Tennessee we were privileged to be invited to a preview showing of the new "Harry Potter" movie. Along with complimentary tickets and snacks, we also got a "Wizard" hat and movie poster which we brought to Samuel. It looked so cute on him that his mother had to try it too.

All you kids in the library had better be on your best behavior or she's liable to turn you into a toad or something with that magic wand and wizard's hat!

A Wizard of a Librarian

School friends - Jim Harrison and Alice Ball McCutcheon

A couple of days after Thanksgiving, Angie and I drove up to Paris, TN to visit with one of my good friends from high school days in Dyer, Alice Ball McCutcheon. We just about managed to catch up on some of what's been happening since we last were together some 40 years or so ago. We both agreed that neither one of us had changed a bit while all the rest of you are getting old!

Angie returned to Texas the Sunday after Thanksgiving with Jane and Bill Harrison while I stayed on to catch up on some visiting and do a little genealogy. Joe Reed had heard me say many times that I wished I could visit Bucksnort cemetery where my Great-Great-Great Grandparents Thomas and Harriet Hutchison are buried.

Joe picked me up and stopped by to visit with Jackie Finch who owns the site now. Jackie was most agreeable and very helpful to us in finding the cemetery as well as the graves of Luke & Amanda Biggs who are also buried on his property. I snapped this picture as Jackie caught up to us to tell us we were headed the wrong way!

Joe Reed and Jackie Finch

White tail deer in Bucksnort Cemetery

This is a close up shot of Bucksnort cemetery. As we drove up, Joe pointed out the white tailed doe in the brush. (Inside red circle in the picture - really!) The stones of Thomas and Harriet Hutchison lean against a tree just to the left of the deer.

I kept hearing about the boy scouts cleaning up a wall sign on a downtown building, so I had to see for myself. The old produce house and more has been torn down, and  this painted sign on the side of the building was revealed. Taken from the Dyer Methodist Church looking south along Highway 45. Age of the sign is uncertain.

Early day sign revealed


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