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2002 Thanksgiving Holiday visit to Tennessee
November - December 2002

Gibson County High School Library

Natalee arranged for me to visit the library after school several afternoons while I was there. Nice to have a high speed internet connection while traveling!

Miss Katie Lee would sure be envious.

On Saturday, Samuel was marching with the Dyer School Band in the annual Dyer Christmas parade. They came by mother's home after the parade, and I got this picture of Natalee, Samuel, and Joe together.

Reeds after the Parade

Mother and I

Natalee insisted on reciprocating and taking a picture of mother and I. She even managed to talk mother into it. Thanks!

I decided that while I was home it was an excellent opportunity to visit some of the cemeteries where my ancestors were buried and get pictures of their grave markers. We ranged from Yorkville to Martin, and these are just a few of the places I visited.

A few of the cemeteries and churches I visited

Some family pictures I came across

While I was home I stayed at my late aunt Lyda's home. Natalee and Beth invited me to look through all the old pictures that Lyda had and scan what I wanted. It was a real treasure trove, and here are a few that I scanned.

You figure out who's who!


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