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Springtime in Texas - 2001

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Tyler Azalea Trails - Dobbs Street

On the last day of March we decided to check out the Tyler Azalea trails. We'd always heard about them, but never been there.

Boy! Look what we've been missing! This is the back yard of a West Dobbs Street home, and the neighborhood opened up their yards to trail visitors. It's really something!

Angie just had to have a picture on the bench under this huge camellia plant.

Camellia on Dobbs Street

West Dobbs Street home

I was beginning to think I might be moving to Tyler soon! Angie was really taken with the gardens at the homes here.

Another shot of the Dobbs street gardens. An old drainage canal runs down the middle of the space between the homes on West Dobbs and Lindsey street, and has been transformed into a thing of beauty.

West Dobbs Street gardens

Cottage at Dobbs and South College Street

This cute little cottage home on the corner of Dobbs and South College streets is surrounded by beautiful gardens, front and rear, and has a great deck from which to enjoy them.


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