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2004 Christmas visit to Tennessee
December 2004
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Angie returned home to Taiwan in late November to help look after her sister who recently underwent an operation. As a result, we were unable to make our traditional Thanksgiving visit to Tennessee.

I finally got caught up enough to make the trip just before Christmas, and was happy to be able to stay at my cousin's home and join them in the Christmas celebration.

I wasn't very happy about the weather that showed up a few days after I arrived though!

If I ever mention going to TN in Dec again, either have me committed or take me out in the back yard and shoot me!

Nathan Reed decorating the 2004 Christmas Tree

The first order of business of course was to decorate the Christmas tree, and Nathan dropped by to do the majority of the work.

On Christmas Eve, just before returning to his home, Nathan insisted that tradition required his "mama" to read "The Night Before Christmas" to him and Samuel.

He actually managed to find the book, so his mother did her part and read them the story!

And I'm sure "visions of sugar plums danced through their heads"

Mama reads "The Night Before Christmas" to her boys


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