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Glacier National Park 1999

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Since we got into Glacier National Park late in the afternoon, we decided to just spend the night in the campground near Many Glacier Lodge. We had a quick supper and sacked out. We awoke to sleet and snow! It made for a pretty crossing of the Continental Divide on Going to the Sun Highway. Snow in Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald Lodge After crossing over the pass, we decided to spend the night at Lake McDonald. Unfortunately the lodge was full, but we managed a nearby cabin. Had a tasty but tough buffalo steak here!
Check this webcam for a live view of Lake McDonald!

Leaving the next day, we drove around the south of the park and over to Two Medicine Lake. Here we're relaxing at the "general store". Two Medicine Lake

Glacier Park Lodge The final stop in the park was at Glacier Park Lodge, one of the most impressive of the old park lodges. Talk about a huge lobby - those are trees supporting the place, and big ones at that. All the old lodges are just a beautiful piece of history which we're happy to be able to see. I finally gave in to temptation and bought a book on the subject, "Great Lodges of the West" by Christine Barnes et al, from the gift store. I've been in most of the lodges covered in the book, and learning something of their history is fascinating.


From Glacier National Park, we headed home through Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
We stopped by the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument to see where Custer made his last stand. The next stop was at Mount Rushmore National Monument, where the weather simply refused to cooperate. It's a fantastic place to visit, and then new visitor center is most impressive, but the clouds and fog kept me from getting any pictures worth showing here. We've got to get back there. The Black Hills are pretty too, not at all what we expected.
Our last vacation stop before getting home was in North Platte, Nebraska, where we visited "Scout's Rest", the home of native son "Buffalo" Bill Cody, which is now a Nebraska State Park.


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