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Canadian Vacation 1999
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We struggled on up the trail, and we had almost gotten to the teahouse when we looked back and could see Chateau Lake Louise below. It's behind Angie here.
The ski runs are located on the mountain in the distance.
Angie on the Lake Agnes Trail Looking back toward Chateau Lake Louise


With the Teahouse in Sight We're just about at the same level as the top terminus of the ski lift which was on the side of the mountain behind Angie in the previous picture. Turning around and looking on up the trail, the waterfall and Lake Agnes teahouse are visible above and to the left of Angie.
After you finally make it up the rest of the trail to the waterfall, you're suddenly faced with a few hundred steps to climb above the waterfall and up to the lake and the teahouse!
Well, you can't quit now!


As soon as we climbed up the steps, we started looking for a place to take a picture. All the folks sitting on the porch of the teahouse kept encouraging me to "jump in the lake" for a picture. I was about hot enough after that climb to take them up on it! That's Lake Agnes immediately to the left of Angie. Not very impressive, but the teahouse made up for it with their fresh baked pastries and hot black currant tea! We had some great apple crumble and orange-blueberry bread. Three college kids spend the summer up there, with no running water or electricity, and turn out some great chow for hungry trekkers. At Lake Agnes


Hot tea and fresh baked pastries made it all worth while! Here are Angie, Pat, and Ann whom we met on the trail, waiting for our order. We shared a lot of it with the Nuthatches and the chipmunks.


Pat and Ann did such a good job extolling the virtues of Canmore where they live, that we decided to spend the night there before heading south. Turned out to be a good choice, as it's just outside the southern entrance of the park, and right at the gateway to the Kananaskis park area. It's considerably cheaper than Banff too, so you might keep that in mind if you're headed up this way!
The next day we drove down through the Kananaskis region, stopping at the Kananaskis Inn for lunch. It's a very pretty area in itself.
From here we headed south on down toward Waterton and the Waterton Lakes National Park and the US Glacier National Park. (Canada also has its own, separate Glacier National Park - do check out the online guided tour!) Unfortunately we didn't stop at Waterton Lakes park, which was a definite mistake. Next trip!


Oh yes, we do try and learn something new where ever we go, and this trip, just as we were entering Kananaskis country, we learned that in Canada, TEXAS GATE means a cattle guard!

Next stop, Glacier National Park in the USA.

This is a TEXAS GATE!


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