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Samuel Reed visits Texas
July - August 2002

When we stopped at the Texas Welcome center in Texarkana, Samuel noticed that we had a Bass Pro Shop in the Dallas area, and he said he really wanted to go see it.

Tuesday we took Samuel and Alex over to check it out. I must admit that I was impressed. That's a BIG place, and they must have everything in the world associated with outdoor living activities.

Samuel and Alex at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

Chowing down at Pappadeaux on crawfish

After the Bass Pro shop, Angie and I turned a deaf ear to pleas for McDonalds, and instead headed for Pappadeaux. After the food arrived, everybody agreed that it was a better choice. The boys went through those fried crawfish and chicken strips like a Hoover through dust bunnies.

After lunch we took some pictures in the Pappadeaux courtyard. Here the boys are clowning on the edge of the pool while Angie enjoys the shade behind them.

Alex and Samuel at Pappadeaux fountain

The block party had SO MUCH food...

Tuesday afternoon was our annual block party which always coincides with "National Night Out". On this night the street is barricaded to traffic and the kids get to play in it. We have a pot luck dinner and games for the kids of all ages. Here we've all finished up a BIG meal and are enjoying dessert while the little ones try to race across the street while carrying eggs in spoons.  

Here Samuel is removing the sash tying him to Alex. The two of them managed to win the three legged race. Alex's parents also raced, but fell down and were disqualified.

and the winners of the three legged race are...

Tossing water baloons

The games finished up with a water balloon toss in the street. Samuel and Alex have made it all the way to the width of the street, and Samuel is about to catch one tossed by Samuel. As warm as it was, I think the winner was whoever managed to get a balloon burst over his head!

This was Samuel's last evening in Texas. Tomorrow it's back to Tennessee, and then, ugh! SCHOOL!  

It's time to leave

Old Texas now.

It's time to leave


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