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Eddie Nance ... continued

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That boy likes watermelon!

Later on, after we got everybody settled into the new house, we took the whole family up to Lake Texoma for some fresh air and a picnic. Eddie had a great time and proved he has potential as a country boy by his watermelon eating technique.


To say the least, he pretty well got it all over himself, prompting the first good hosing down of the day by Angie and Nenette. Looks like he enjoyed that too. It was a little warm that day.

This boy is taking finger lickin' good to new heights!

But it's not good unless you get it all over you!


Eddie liked throwing rocks in the water

Before we left Eisenhower Park, we took him down to the swimming cove which has a natural sandy beach as well as plenty of rocks. With no coaching from anyone, he immediately started picking up rocks and throwing them in the water. I guess in a few years we'll have to teach him how to skip them.

He really had a fine time, and managed to get sand and dirt all over himself. This brought on the second hosing down of the day. This time they said they just took him to the restroom and held him under the shower.

I believe he's all boy!



Well, everyone got a light case of the chiggers from the Texoma expedition, and it was a long time before we were able to convince the Nances that it was really safe to venture afield in Texas. Lordy! You'd think a few little bug bites were going to cause the end of the world!



During the 1996 holiday season Ben and Laura, Karsten, and Raewyn came by and we all got together for dinner at the Spaghetti warehouse. Ben brought Eddie a great toy car that was really a die-cast model with great detail. Didn't bring me one!

Laura, Eddie, Ben, Angie, and I


Eddie with his two Godfathers

Check out those boots that Eddie is wearing. He got real protective of them, and when they got too tight, he couldn't bear to part with them. His parents finally convinced him that he was getting an identical pair that fit better.


Christmas 1996 was a big one for Eddie, as he was just old enough to really get "into it". Angie and I dropped by the house to see what Santa had left, and to drop off a couple of things ourselves.

Angie and I gave Eddie a play table


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