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Lost Friends Luncheon #2 - 13 July 2001

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Friday the 13th of July didn't keep anyone from the second of the "Lost Friends Luncheons". Well, theoretically it was a bout with a gall bladder removal that kept Lynne away, but I'm sure she'll make the next one.

Connie grabbed my camera to take my picture, and I insisted that all the girls join me. Am I a lucky guy or what?

L-R, Gail Greene, Kelly Massie, Annette Wooldridge, Rhonda Collinsworth, Jim Harrison, and Judy Roman

Surrounded by beautiful women. - I must be doing something right!

Annette, Kelly, Rhonda, and Meredith

All the usual crew was there, and we were all having a great time. Everybody was so busy laughing that I managed to get a few candid shots.

Carol Avenna is seriously considering what's good to eat.

Carol Avenna

Deborah Penn

Deborah was at the head of the table - or was it the foot?

Vickie Wright brought along Linda Moore.

Vickie Wright and friend

Meredith Martin and Tamara Dugas

Tamara Dugas, whom I haven't seen in ages was also there, sitting next to Meredith Martin.

Judy Roman brought along Mike Crye, who's retired now, and Linda Dolby, two folks I hadn't seen in ages.

Mike's says he's still flying, and has moved to Allen. I knowfrom reading about her on her extensive  web pages that Linda has to be about the most busy person I've ever known. Not only does she have her personal web pages which are extensive and impressive, but she's also responsible for two Connecticut counties as well as Dallas county Texas in the USGenWeb project,

Just keeping this web and a couple of smaller ones up is more than a full time job for me, and I'm retired!

Judy Roman, Mike Crye, and Linda Jean Dolby

Mike Crye, Linda Dolby, Connie Wallner, and Jim Wallner

And I brought along Jim and Connie Wallner, who are just back from wandering around South and East Texas. They recently completed an extensive vacation in Florida in their RV.

Connie said she bought Jim that shirt to match his hair. I'd say she did a good job of matching it up.


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