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Christmas in Texas - 2003
Last Revised 15 May 2010

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Max was running on 300 octane as usual, and had to check out Alex's HO gauge train underneath the Christmas tree. It survived I think.

Alex and Max check out the train

Maggie's fancy dinner

Once again, Maggie and Joseph hosted a beautiful and delicious dinner on Christmas Eve. We all feasted in style and ate until we couldn't hold another bite!

L-R: Jennifer, Max, Eduardo, Joseph, Maggie, Alex, and Angie.

Just in case.... Alex has the strategic place staked out to intercept any visitors coming down the chimney.

Alex is ready for Santa's arrival

Licky wants to join in!

The next day, Licky was climbing the walls wanting to come in. Maybe he saw something last night?

 Would you believe that this dog is trained to "do windows"? He licks the bottom panes clean as a whistle. Now if we can just teach him to climb ladders . . . . . .


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