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Lone Star Park
Alcatel day at the races



Marty Tebrinke is putting his usual thoughtful engineering expertise into picking a winner. Marty came back to work Monday too.

Marty tries to pick a winner

Courtney checks out the action

Courtney wasn't too sure what was going on, but that pacifier took care of most everything.

According to Laquetta, Courtney wasn't really too sure she was glad to be here. After cooling off with some ice cubes, she was sure!

Proud Grand Ma looks on.

Angie tries to stay cool

Angie found a cool spot in the shade and with a breeze and just parked. With a big glass of iced tea and a glass of ice water that she used to wet down that blue bandanna of mine, she managed to stay reasonably cool.

Paul and Daria seemed enthused about the races.

Paul Perozzi and Daria Stanko

But I'll pay you back on Monday!

Well, as near as I can figure it, Lynn ran out of money and is trying to convince Joe that if he'll just lend her $20 she's bound to double his money on the next race. I don't think Joe was buying it.


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