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Lost Friends Luncheon #31 - 15 December 2003

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October and November's "Lost Friends" luncheons drew fair attendances, but no new faces! December had a fine turnout, with a some of the "newly involuntary retired". It looked like time to get some group pictures again. Below are pictures of the whole group excepting myself, and Mary Chavis. (Mary evidently has an exclusive photographic contract with some agency {Kim Dawson?} , and just can't have her picture taken.)

Starting on the back wall, L-R: Bob Everett, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kaplan, Ron Seymour, Dave Kuester, George Huling, Jerry Brown, and Minoru Tashima with his back to the camera.

Everett, Kaplans, Seymour, Kuester,  Huling, Brown, Tashima

Seymour, Kuester, Huling, Brown, and Tashima

This group on the end looks like they're worried that someone's going to steal their food! L-R: Ron Seymour, Dave Kuester, George Huling, Jerry Brown, and Tash, once again with his back to the camera.

Moving on around the table, L-R: Lou Simas, Lynne Saunders, Ray Housley, Rex Stephens, Marv Howard, and Charlotte Trimble.

Simas, Saunders, Housley, Stephens, Howard, Trimble

Howard, Trimble, Murray, Crye

Continuing, L-R: Marv Howard, Charlotte Trimble, Janice Murray, and Mike Crye.

And sitting on the inside and getting all the envious looks, Carol Avenna and Vickie Wright.

Carol Avenna and Vickie Wright


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