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Lost Friends Luncheon #37 - 14 June 2004

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It's easy to see who's the most popular as well as the most regular attendee at the monthly luncheon. It's Marilyn, our waitress, who has been patiently taking care of all of us "separate checks please" folks for three years now! She's got it down to a fine art, and "y'all know the drill!" Our first luncheon here was on June 13th, 2001, and we expect to see her for many more!

Tash, Marv, George, Mike, Charlotte, and Tim are paying attention to Marilyn

Come join us for lunch! It's still at 11:30 on the 13th of every month at Tino's in Collin Creek Mall, the following Monday if the 13th should fall on the weekend or a holiday.


Connie & Jim Wallner, Greg Moldovan, Dennis Kaplan

Connie and Jim Wallner, Greg Moldovan, and Dennis Kaplan are enjoying their meal.

Jim and Connie are leaving the following day for a round of family and class reunions. Follow their adventures in pictures at their website.

Dennis tells us he and Joyce are still into organ playing, and will be traveling to Galveston in October to meet with their organ playing friends. Check out Dennis' Dallas Metro L.I.F.E. website!

We had another new face this month - Bob Banks at far right joined us for lunch. Come back often Bob!

Lynne was just back from a trip to Colorado and has the Tee shirt to prove it. She said she's decided that Colorado is a nice place to be in the summer time!

Tash, Lynne, and Bob Banks

Dennis Kaplan, Ron Seymour, Marv Howard, and George Huling

Dennis Kaplan, Ron Seymour, Marv Howard, and George Huling. You'll notice that George is watching me like a hawk. He says I always catch him with his mouth open!

We were all remarking that it seemed like this was turning into a retirees' group since none of the "workers" had shown up. Just then Carol Avenna and Mary Chavis walked in. As usual, Mary tried to duck out of camera view, but I got her!

Carol and Mary say they're keeping things humming along out at work, and we're all glad. Somebody has to pay those SS taxes for us!

Carol Avenna and Mary Chavis


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