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Lost Maples SNA 1999 - Page 2 -

We spent one night in the campgrounds at Lost Maples. After dinner we warmed ourselves over a fire and Angie started some chestnuts roasting. (They're wrapped in aluminum foil on the grill immediately in front of her.)

It dropped down into the 40's that night with a ferocious wind. From the way Jennifer was bundled up, you'd have thought we were in the next ice age! She survived her first camping trip though.

Roasting Chesnuts on an open fire

Preview of things to come

This one young maple in the picnic grounds was really showing color. Wish we could go back in a week or two and do this again!

The sun was really lighting up the trees growing up the walls of Sabinal Canyon that morning.

Trees on the Sabinal Canyon walls

Just about anywhere you looked there was a Maple tree about to burst into a bright red. Hundreds of feet up the canyon walls were likely to be bright patches of Maple highlighted by the sun.

Color on the canyon walls

Angie and Jennifer at the branch of the West Trail.

We've just reached the point where the West Trail rejoins itself. Ahead is the trail to the ponds, and to the left the trail returns along Can Creek.

On the return trip on the West Trail, we stopped at this boulder to relax and just drink in the beauty of the place.

The West trail gets pretty steep in a couple of places where you climb over the ridge, and it's easy to lose completely if you're not paying attention. Still it's a great walk and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Relaxing at a boulder on the West Trail


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