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Texas State Fair '99

Of course I had to see what the latest suburbans looked like. These modestly painted ones are actually '99s I believe, but at least they're official!

I guess I'm "Official" now!

Looking Good!

Now this is more like it! I just might have to trade Black Beauty in pretty soon!

We passed up the laser light show on opening day, but caught it later. Here's Angie waiting on me to find a good seat.

Angie relaxes before the laser light show

Curtain Call for "Titanic" at the State Fair Music Hall

While we were at the fair one Wednesday, we managed to get tickets to "Titanic" which was playing at the Music Hall.

When we left that night, Big Tex was still standing tall in all his new duds.

Big Tex late at night

Texas Star Ferris Wheel behind the midway

Just behind Tex the midway was doing a thriving business, and the Texas Star Ferris Wheel was a nice backdrop.

On our first visit this year, we got to see the RCMP Musical Ride - again! It's always great!

We took in the RCMP Musical Ride for the umpteenth time.


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