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Cruising the Caribbean
April 1997
- on the ship -

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The stateroom was plenty large, and a marvel of efficiency. We had just above a "plain vanilla" outside stateroom, and were very comfortable. Cable TV included CNN, ESPN, several movie channels, a view from the bridge, and a variety of programs from the ship. Above the TV is an ingenious "safe" which you lock using any credit card. No charge but you must use the same card to unlock it. More drawers and storage space than we could use. The bathroom is immediately behind me. That phone on the wall just past Angie works not only for room service and room-to-room, but also for general long distance - provided you have the $12-$15 per minute to pay for it!

The stateroom includes plenty of storage, cable TV, writing desk, etc...


The window turned out to be much larger than I expected.

Our "window" turned out to be a lot larger than I had expected, nearly 3 ft by 3 ft, and afforded a great view, not only in the daytime, but particularly on moonlit nights.

The stateroom came equipped with two twin beds which could be joined to make a queen size if desired.

Of course you got the chocolate mint on the pillow every night. The standing joke was that service was so good that I got up to use the bathroom one night, and when I came back, the bed had been made up!


Here's Angie enjoying a beverage in the Solarium area. Behind her is a salt water pool and two hot tubs. The entire area can be covered with a glass roof which is on rollers so that it may be opened or closed as weather conditions dictate. The solarium pool also featured pizza, burgers, and hot dogs all afternoon long in case you needed a snack. To the front of the Solarium is the health club which was complete with all the latest exercise machines.

Angie sitting in the Solarium


One of the fancy midnight buffets where the chefs showed their stuff

It wasn't always this fancy, but the chefs turned out some fantastic chow. According to the cruise director, if you really tried hard it was possible to eat 22 meals a day!


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