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While I was home for my class reunion, I drove by the recently burned house of Roberta Park. It's a sad reminder of the former home.


Fire gutted Park home

Great weather for reading - if you don't suffer from allergies!

We made it back to Dyer in early April of 2010 to enjoy some fine weather. When we first arrived only the flowering crab apples were blooming, with the dogwoods trying hard. By the time we left most everything except the azaleas was blooming like crazy.

As school was enjoying a 2-day Good Friday - Spring Break, we all got to enjoy the weather by sitting outside reading throughout the day. Great if you didn't have allergies. Natalee and Angie are deep into a couple of good books here.

Yep, Dyer is truly the "Center of the Universe". Who should we run into at lunch one day but Larry Pitt's daughter, Holly Halliburton.

8 April 2010

L-R: Holly Pitt Halliburton, Jim Harrison, Angie Harrison

Some of mother's flowers booming like crazy. I think these are a variety of "blue bells".

9 April 2010

The Dogwood is in full bloom by now, and the Japanese maple is looking good. Azaleas are only beginning to bud out.


The Japanese Maple is looking good

Joe and Natalee Reed at the Tennessee State Finals

Cousins Joe and Natalee Reed are ready in red and all fired up to root for the Gibson County High School Lady Pioneers as they play McMinn Central for the 2010 State AA Basketball championship at Murphy Center in Murfreesboro on Saturday, March 13, 2010.

The Lady Pioneers won 63-60 to become the state champions for the second year in a row. Congratulations!

And cousin Nathan Reed has a fine set of pictures from the triumphant homecoming of the champions over here on flickr.

It was my mother's 90th birthday, and we made a trip to Dyer to see her and celebrate with her. Here she's looking at a new super-warm blanket given her by Natalee.

The discoloration on the side of her face is the aftermath of some terrible bruising sustained from a fall.


Happy 90th Birthday!

Mother opens a blanket given to her by Natalee for her birthday

New workshop behind the old E.E. Hutchison home

Next door, Peck Knox has built a great looking workshop. And that old pecan tree trunk is more than twice or three times as large as it was when I was a kid.

The first of the outbuildings at right was known as a "wheat shed" when I was growing up, and was built by my great-great-grandfather E. E. Hutchison. I'm amazed it's still "in service".


It was only April when we cleaned up the yard, trimmed the bushes, etc. Between a grapevine, Polk sallet, and Virginia creeper you can barely see the Azaleas!


Polk Sallet, Virginia creeper, and a grape vine have overpowered the Azaleas!

Angie relaxes under the shade of the pecan tree.

Angie's doing real estate work, catching up with friends, and reading in the shade of the pecan tree while I do a few minor chores.


A visit to Barkley Lodge on Lake Barkley in Kentucky. It was a hot, humid day and that pool looked inviting.


Swimming pool at Barkley Lodge

Angie and Natalee look over the lake and pool

Angie and Natalee look out over the lake from the shade of the walkway below the lodge. Cabins are accessed via the walkway on both sides of the lodge



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