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  Last Revised 15 May 2010

Inside the Court House every thing was decorated for Christmas.

After inquiring as to the location of the Will Books, I was directed to the office of the County Clerk, Diane Taylor. Inquiring within, I was told to just go back to the far East end of the office to the vault where I would find them.

Court House interior and County Clerk's office

Inside the Court House Vault

Inside the vault, I found the will books nicely bound and stored in slide out holders along the wall. Will book F which I was looking for is lower most of the group of three grey books immediately above my hat.

Here is Will Book F dating from 1856 sitting on a research table.

Will Book F dating from 1856

Will Book F, pages 457 and 458. Very Faded!

The will of Dr. John David Carne was on page 458 of Will Book F. Unfortunately, the original was not much more legible than the microfilm copy. (Note that the preceding page is very legible, and the following page was likewise legible. Just my luck!)

I spent about three hours deciphering the faded writing. You can read the transcription here. From the will I learned of a grand daughter, Annie J. Bell, which I had not previously known of. If you're interested, the family genealogy is a continually unraveling story documented at


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