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The Ho Family

John and Jennifer returned for a visit in early 1998. John went back to work for a brief stint before being called for his immigration review. Jennifer stayed, and even spent a week or so with us in 101.

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We decided a picnic over at Daingerfield park was in order, and invited the recently retired Wallners to join us. Angie and Jennifer cooked up plenty of peel and eat shrimp and Dungeness crabs for a really high class picnic!

Here Angie and Connie show off a couple of beauts!

Jennifer, Angie, and Connie Wallner at Daingerfield

Angie and Jennifer at Tyler State park

We also made a trip or two to Tyler State Park while Jennifer was visiting. Here she and Angie are having an animated discussion as we walk around the lake.

At the time, the dogwood trees were in full bloom, and the weather was great.

We also introduced Jennifer to Lake Ray Roberts Johnson Creek unit. She quickly fell in love with it, and we must have gone there four or five times during her visit.

This was a mistake on my part as you can see. My hammock got Shanghaid, and I was reduced to laying down on a picnic table.

Angie sitting in the Solarium

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Jennifer also liked to get out to our Breckenridge City Park for some "power walking".

Here she's posing in the midst of a sea of daisies.

We also showed Jennifer some of our favorite relaxing spots up on Lake Texoma. At this particular one you're actually about 50 feet above the water, well shaded in the afternoon, good breeze, and great view of the sunset.

I guess she must have liked it. I heard she showed it to John when he came back. I also heard from John that she was wearing high heels that day, and I'd sure like a picture of that hike!

Jennifer and Angie at Texoma
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