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Mike Lewis' Picnic & Birthday Party

Mike Lewis' home near Celeste, TX

His kids put on a huge party for Mike Lewis in honor of his 75th birthday. Reminiscent of the old company picnics Mike used to throw, the place looked like a crowded used car lot when we arrived. They had a huge turnout. This was taken when we were leaving.

There were lots and lots of people and cakes and pies and watermelons and other goodies at Mike's birthday bash!

Mike Lewis and the watermelons

Angie, Mike Lewis, and myself

Angie, Mike Lewis, and myself taken by Connie Wallner with a phone in one sticky hand and a slice of watermelon in the other! Pretty good considering!

We found out the way to get Mike to smile is to put a woman on each arm!

Angie, Mike Lewis, and Connie Wallner


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