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Angie and I in the Princess Observation car on the Alaska Railroad. I'll put up links to all the picture albums as soon as I get them complete on Flickr.

Angie and I in the Princess Observation car on the Alaska Railroad

Angie and I on the Kenai river

Angie and I down on the river at Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge at Cooper Landing. That's the Kenai river behind us, and we saw numerous folks kayaking and fishing on the river.

At Whittier Alaska we bid farewell to the Grand Princess and took a Catamaran over to Valdez. There we boarded a Princess bus and began the trip to the Princess Copper River Wilderness Lodge.

Last view of the Grand Princess

Angie and I in Glacier BAy National Park, Alaska

Angie and I in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. We'd been to Alaska on cruises twice before, but considering the weather, the price, and the chance to do the land tour for the first time, we decided to go.

I wasn't able to attend the August Luncheon as Angie and I were off touring Alaska, but Jim Wallner supplied this picture of himself and Marvin Howard, the sole attendees. Now come on folks, I know it's hot out there, but that's no good excuse for missing some good fellowship and a good meal in an air conditioned venue!

L-R: Marvin Howard, Jim Wallner.

That's the only picture again, and it's also here!

Why don't you join us next month? We meet monthly for lunch at Abuelo's on US75 in Plano at 11:30 a.m. on the 13th of each month, or the following Monday if the 13th falls on a weekend or holiday.

Our next luncheon will be Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 11:30 a.m. 


Marvin Howard and Jim Wallner

Memorial Service for Marion Dilley

Sadly, while we were in California our good friend Marion Dilley passed away in Harker Heights Texas. Upon our return to Texas we attended visitation, memorial, and burial services for him at the Texas Veterans Cemetery in Killeen, Texas.

While visiting in California we dropped by the California Nursery Historic Park, one of our favorites. Here's Angie at the Park with a "natural picture frame".

Angie at California Nursery Historic Park

Angie and I at Carmel Valley Ranch

The next part of the surprise Birthday was spending two nights at the Carmel Valley Ranch. Here are Angie and I there at dinner.

We joined Angie's family at the Monterey Plaza Hotel to celebrate Hsu Whey's 70th birthday.

L-R: Mr. Chu, Hsu Whey Chu, Angie Harrison, Jim Harrison, Ping Sun Chu, Lucas Chu, and Kevin Chu.

Lunch at the Monterey Plaza Hotel

Shortly after returning from Tennessee, we were invited to visit Angie's family in Caifornia and help celebrate her sister's 70th birthday. We met the family for lunch at the Monterey Plaza Hotel on Cannery Row. As you can see, her sister was suitably surprised!

While in Tennessee we stopped in to visit the folks who bought the old homeplace on Broad Street after my mother's passing. Here I'm on the back porch talking with Susan and Jim Hesse. Jim is working on an outdoor kitchen just beside the new brick garage he recently completed. Inside they've added even more new innovations.

The Old Homeplace

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