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2002 visit to Horseshoe Bay, etc.
December 2002
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Home cooking including homemade pies!

The following day we drove down to Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay.

Of course we had to stop by the Blue Bonnet Cafe for lunch!

And of course we had to finish that up with pie!

The Horseshoe Bay area was all decorated for Christmas, and was inviting us. The weather was great while we were there, almost hot at times!

Horseshoe Bay

Angie and I with a view of Austin in the background

The next day we journeyed over to Austin to meet up with the Dilleys son Stephen. While visiting at his home, Shue Fong snapped this picture of Angie and I with part of Austin in the background.

After Austin a side trip to Fredericksburg was in order. Fredericksburg, Johnson City, and all points in between were really decorated for Christmas. We particularly enjoyed the light displays.

Fredericksburg stores decorated for Christmas

Courtyard behind the birthplace of Admiral Nimitz

A nice secluded spot to sit and rest a while which we discovered a long time ago is the courtyard behind the birthplace of Admiral Nimitz. The gals shopped while Marion and I just soaked up the atmosphere.


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