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Last Revised 24 Aug 2010
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Another Collins Radio-Rockwell-Alcateler just joined the rest of us in retirement! Gorge Kizer was the guest of honor at Londoners Friday evening.

A few of the attendees, clockwise from George at top left: George Kizer, Minoru Tashima, Dan Woodward, George Kizer, Frank Green, Scott Rice, Larry Pavlicek, Dan Woodward, John Plant, and Mike Barbera.

Not shown: Chris Whicher who is on the phone talking to Dan from Puerto Rico.

Putting George Kizer out to pasture

Having a Cajun feast at Ivy's

We caught the Wallners in town again long enough to get out to dinner. Connie suggested we try Ivy's Cajun Bistro in Plano this time. Great choice! Cold beer, good food, good prices, and good folks! We'll be going back for sure.

Here, we'd just finished a plate of calamari and were beginning to feel good and mellow.

The Plants and the Wallners both made it back from separate Florida vacations recently, and we seized upon the opportunity to get together and swap lies and eat! This time we did it up proud with German food..... and beer of course!

The Plants and Wallners are back from Florida

Peter Grau

Who should wander in the front door but Peter Grau, now with Metro Optix. All of us worked with Peter back in the Far East days.


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