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Last Revised 15 May 2010

The Plants had a "shopwarming" and Natalie was the star of the show!

John Plant finally got that fancy shop finished out and threw a real Texas BBQ to celebrate. Lots of Collins/Rockwell/Alcatel folks in attendance. Son-in-law Shawn did the cooking (and man, can he cook!) and little John pitched in to help clean up the mess afterwards (Cleaning up messes - good training for a new lawyer in the Dallas DA's office?) Everybody ate and ate and ate and we still couldn't put a dent in all that food. We wound up taking doggie bags home with us!

Needless to say, Shawn and Sheila's daughter Natalie was the hit of the party. I think Sheila has lined up a whole passel of potential baby sitters. Shawn should start charging folks to hold her, that way he'd have a good start on financing her college education!

Scattered around in this collage you'll find John & Wendy Plant, John Jr., Jim and Connie Wallner, Rusty and Patsy Worley, Terry Freeman, Kerry Burleson, Shawn, Sheila, and Natalie Honorč

A while back we got together with a bunch of old friends  and fellow retirees from our "Collins/Rockwell International" days for dinner at "The Prison" up in McKinney. I guess it just goes to show that you folks who said we'd probably all wind up in jail were right!

It's really a neat place, and the food was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed getting together and hashing over old times. It was the first time we've seen the Worleys in several years, and we had a lot of catching up to do. A lot of "war stories" were told that night! Miraculously, as boisterous as we got, and as long as we stayed, they neither kicked us out nor locked us in!

Rockwell retirees as inmates at the Collin County Prison

Clockwise beginning at lower left: Rusty Worley, Patsy Worley, John Plant, Jim Harrison, Wendy Plant, Angie Harrison, Connie Wallner, and Jim Wallner.

Daryl Chaires and Lety Lozano

We were wandering around at the fairgrounds during the 1999 Texas State Fair when I looked up and who should I see but Daryl Chaires and Lety Lozano. Looks like the fair put them in a good mood doesn't it? Come to think of it, they're always in a good mood.

I had just returned from another two week trip to Tennessee near the end of July 2003, when I received the sad news that Brad Tillotson had passed away.

I did manage to make it to his funeral the following day. Some other old friends attending were Ken Mitchell, Doug Dreggors, and Minoru Tashima.

Ken Mitchell, Doug Dreggors, Minoru Tashima

Mike and Connie Lewis

Another picture from Jim and Connie Wallner, this time of Mike and Connie Lewis. Remember all those picnics at Mike's place?

Gail Greene shows off her new son Jeremy born 28 Dec 2005. Now that is one more happy looking mother!

Congratulations Gail and Jeff and welcome Jeremy!

Jeremy Greene born 28 Dec 2005 with estatic new mother Gail Greene

Angie, Timothy Zee, and Jim

For those of you who remember Dick Zee, here's his youngest son, Timothy with Angie and myself. It's been 15 years since we last saw Tim at the funeral of his father.

Angie and I were responsible for giving "Timmy" his first chance to lick the dasher after making home made ice cream, and for taking him to his first professional baseball game. Looks like he survived it all and still came up a winner!

Timothy Zee is back home in Hong Kong and emailed me this picture of himself with his twin daughters Madison and Morgan. The twins are 5 years old now (2006). Hard to believe isn't it?

L-R: Madison, Timothy, and Morgan Zee

Wendy and John Plant, Angie and Jim Harrison, Connie and Jim Wallner

We all decided it had been too long since we'd seen the Plants, so Connie Wallner arranged for a dinner get together up in McKinney in June of 2007. John and Wendy are obviously doing great, and it was sure nice to see them again.

While we're about to drown in the June 2007 drought here, some folks are living it up! Just got this from Ivan Tuņon who said, "Jim:  I was in Barbados this past week in a Telecom show and look who I ran into: ... John Colvin, who worked as a student in Collins then went to work for me in NEC and returned to Rockwell-Collins later. Next is Jayne Serna (Leighton), who was in the installation group for a while, then went to California. Then me (getting heavier), and finally Frank Kostello, who was also in the field group....."

Always good to hear from old friends! Keep those pictures coming!

John Colvin, Jane Serna (Leighton), Ivan Tuņon, and Frank Kostello

Dallas Allen with daughter Isabella

Any of you who were in Taiwan in the 70's will remember Jerry and Dorothy Allen who relocated there for Collins Radio. Jerry was a tech-rep with the MAAG group there. They opened their home and their hearts to us displaced field troops every time we were in town, and we certainly appreciated it. You may also remember that there were two little tow-headed boys that were always in the thick of things, Charley and Dallas.

Well Dallas isn't little anymore, and he's not tow-headed either. He's all grown up and working in Graphic Arts. He's raising his own clan now, and has a house full of beautiful girls. We were privileged to be invited to Dallas' wife Brenda's birthday celebration where I snapped this shot of Dallas with their youngest, Isabella. I think she kind'a likes her daddy!

Gail Greene sent along this picture of Jeremy on his second birthday. Gosh, that boy has grown! She says they moved to the Indianapolis area about a year ago and they're loving it.

Keep in touch!

Jeremy Greene is two years old!


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