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Rockwell-Collins Retirees Association
Thursday October 19, 2006
Richardson Civic Center

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How's this for long time - no see? Buddy Brewer managed to tear himself away from his horses long enough to come visit, and who should he find but Jack Bowling. Rockwell-Collins Retiree's meeting

Hector Hinojosa and Lucas

Hector Hinojosa and Lucas were catching up and Oliver Rankin is in the background.

Bob Livingston just can't seem to hang it up and retire like the rest of us as he was explaining to Ed Sims. Bob claimed that he usually broke digital cameras, but it looks like mine survived. Bob Livingston and Ed Sims

Charlie O'Reilly, Harold Walker and Buddy Brewer

What a group! Here's Charlie O'Reilly, Harold Walker, and Buddy Brewer.

Charlie hired me in back in 1967, and probably half of the rest of the room too!

Oliver Rankin was catching up with Keith Wagner. Oliver Rankin and Keith Wagner

Ed Sims and Bill Steifer

Ed Sims and Bill Steifer are listening intently.

I got Frances Wheeler, Glenda Offutt, and Hazel Perry to stop talking long enough to snap a picture. They were complaining that they were outnumbered by the men! Yeah! Please don't throw me in the briar patch!

Frances Wheeler, Glenda Offutt and Hazel Perry


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