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Last Revised 15 May 2010

After the ceremony and presentation of gifts, Chuck was joined by his wife and posed for pictures

Retiring couple, Mr. & Mrs Chuck Flint

Dale Maddox

Dale Maddox was taking in the ceremonies and came over to say hello to me.

People kept straggling in after having managed to get off work. I looked over at the entrance to find George Huling with Dick Rogers and Rene Duke.

R.P. ''Dick'' Rogers, George Huling, and Rene Duke

Rhonda Collinsworth and Rene Duke

And who should I see next but Rhonda Collinsworth with Rene Duke.


Jim Wallner had found Denise Johnson and was catching up on things.

Jim Wallner and Denise Johnson

Vickie Wright, Lynne Saunders, and Deborah Penn

The Trio's together again!

In walked Vickie Wright and Deborah Penn who were joyously greeted by Lynne Saunders. Just like old times!

An autograph board was provided for friends to leave best wishes for Chuck.

Well done!

Nostalgia Plaque


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