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  Last Revised 15 May 2010

A full living room for opening presents

After eating that huge dinner cooked up by Shawn and friends, the party adjourned to the living room where John opened presents from friends.

And yes, that's Shawn with his back to the camera as usual!

When it came to opening the presents, John had two willing helpers in grand daughters Natalie and Jenna.

Some help with the presents

A smiling contest with two winners!

John's daughter Sheila  was the hostess for the evening while her husband Shawn and friends cooked up a real feast. Here's Sheila with her sister-in-law making sure everyone is well provided for.

Lots of John's friends, including me, got a chance to visit and swap "war stories" from "the good old days".

Here's myself, Gene Brooks, Carey Burleson, and Jim Wallner.

Old Friends

Past their bed times?

I think some of these folks might have stayed up just a little past their bedtimes celebrating maybe? Well it's for sure that a good time was had by all!

And last but not least, here's the star of her grand daddy's party, Jenna. She got as far as getting her jammies on, but put off the going to bed for a while!

For even more pictures of the party, see Jim Wallner's Picture Albums. 

The star of the party!


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