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Lost Friends Luncheon #4 - 13 September 2001

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More new faces showed up at the fourth "Lost Friends Luncheon". Crystal Pierce came in  with her nephew Blake and his stuffed monkey "Mooch".

Blake started out on chips, but soon figured out that the catsup on the French fries was even better than the salsa on the chips. Mooch evidently agreed. See for yourself below!

Chrystal Pierce and Nephew Blake
Ummm, Ummm, good!

Taber Bearden and Betty Merritt

Betty Merritt appears to be setting Taber straight. Not sure just what the guys in the background were thinking about all this!

And it was the first time I've seen Gina in a long, long time.


Daria Perozzi

Daria Perozzi put in an appearance too. Sure looks like marriage is agreeing with her. See if you can't talk Paul into coming along too next time Daria. We'd like to see him again also. It's been a long time!

Ed Dolby joined Linda-Jeanne for lunch this time and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Linda-Jeanne and Ed Dolby

Michaeline Cross

Michaeline Cross put in an appearance, sitting next to the photographically invisible Mary Chavis. Now Mike, aren't you glad you didn't listen to Mary when she told you not to have your picture taken!


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