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Last Revised 17 Mar 2020

Lost Friends Luncheon #224 - 13 January 2020

Chris Whicher and George Huling

Chris Whicher and George Huling. It's been a while since Chris was last here.

Connie Wallner and Terry Freeman. Connie was suffering from allergies and couldn't talk much.

Connie Wallner and Terry Freeman

 L-R: Allegra Burnworth, Jim Wallner, Bob Everett, and Marvin Howard

L-R: Allegra, Burnworth, Jim, Wallner, Bob Everett, and Marvin Howard.

This is the first time I've seen Bob in ages. He's currently recovering from a hip replacement, and seems to be doing well.

Allegra Burnworth and Jim Wallner.

Allegra Burnworth and Jim Wallner

Bob Everett and Marvin Howard

Bob Everett and Marvin Howard.

Lost Friends Luncheon #225 - 13 February 2020

L-R: Terry Freeman, Connie Wallner, and Mike Lewis

Mike was peddlin' pecans from those trees he planted way back when, and we lightened him up by a few bags!

Terry Freeman, Connie Wallner, and Mike Lewis

Jim Wallner, Cal Mowrer, and Marvin Howard

Jim Wallner, Cal Mowrer, and Marvin Howard.

Casey at the bat…er the bar, and he certainly didn't strike out!

Casey at the bat…er bar.

Lost Friends Luncheon #226 - 13 March 2020

Connie Wallner

Between the weather and the Corona virus, we had a sparse turnout for the March Luncheon. Those of us that did show got to have some good conversation along with some good food.

Here's Connie Wallner ready to brave it all.

Mike Lewis also put in an appearance, and he had to show Connie Wallner that he wasn't afraid to get close.

Mike Lewis and Connie Wallner

Jim Wallner

Jim was taking everything in stride, and appears to be amused by it all.

Connie insisted that I had to have my picture taken also, so here I am in my salsa eating shirt!

Jim Harrison


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