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Lost Friends Luncheon #39 - 13 August 2004

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They let us eat out by the regular customers this time!

August's luncheon found us conflicting with another group at Tino's, so they let us eat out with the regular folks! Good to see everybody again, and we're waiting for all you vacationers to get back and tell us all about it!

Lost Friends Luncheon #40 - 13 Sept 2004

September's luncheon brought in Stacy Alford for the first time. Looks like he has a rapt audience in (R-L) Melvin Brown, Dave Kuester, and Marv Howard hiding behind Dave.

After most of the crowd had left, Melvin and John Plant regaled us with tales of the incendiary effect of some of Dave's visits to their Van Alstyne eating establishments. We all left laughing.

Stacy Alford seems to have a rapt audience

Lost Friends Luncheon #41 - 13 Oct 2004

Weldon Lowe showed up for lunch, full of stories and fun

Weldon Lowe AKA "Poke" (K5POK) graced us with his presence for the first time at October's luncheon. He was as full of fun and stories as when we worked a job together about 30 years ago in Hinesville, GA. We even managed to take in a performance of "Brother Dave Gardner" while we were there.

Poke says he still has that whip he carried for hamming from the rental car too! And I thought I never threw anything away!

Guys, this is getting too segregated! On the guy's corner of the table are Weldon Lowe, Eldon Streck, Tashima, Marvin Howard, and George Huling.

Marv is sporting a sling courtesy of a shop accident. He's due to be back to normal in a few weeks he says.

George has a new diet plan! He says that every time I take his picture he's stuffing something in his mouth, so he refuses to eat if I have the camera out!

Weldon Lowe, Eldon Streck, Tashima, Marv Howard, and George Huling

Lynne Saunders, Carol Avenna, Sharon Stout, Lou Simas, Wanda Fox, and Melissa Cunninghame

Over on the ladies' corner of the table were Lynne Saunders, Carol Avenna, Sharon Stout, Lou Simas, Wanda Fox, and Melissa Cunningham.

Carol and Melissa are among the few still working at Alcatel. Lynne and Lou just got back from a trip to New England. They said the foliage was just beginning to turn as they returned home. Bummer!

Marilyn was short handed that day and having trouble handling the whole restaurant by herself, so George filled in on waiter duty. Looks to me like the ladies have the boy pretty well domesticated!

George fills in as a waiter


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