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Lost Friends Luncheon #42 - 15 Nov 2004

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Bill England and Diane Dercks catch up

Well would you look who showed up, finally! Bill England put in an appearance for the November luncheon. He and Diane had a lot of catching up to do!

And as you can see, the Wallners finally made it back from all their world travels. Just checked and Jim has lots of new pictures at Wallner's World!

Lost Friends Luncheon #43 - 13 Dec 2004

We had a pretty fair turnout for December's luncheon considering the working folks were probably snowed under.

Clockwise around the table from front left: Bob Everett, Dennis Kaplan, Eldon Streck (hidden), Ron Seymour, Joe Russo, Bill England, Jim and Connie Wallner, Diane Dercks (hidden), Tashima, Marv Howard, and Harold Shiroma.

December's turnout

Diane Dercks, Tashima, Marv Howard, and Harold Shiroma.

Diane Dercks, Tashima, Marv Howard, and Harold Shiroma. Everyone was catching up on everyone else's Christmas plans.

Eldon Streck, Ron Seymour, Joe Russo, and Bill England had the early arrival seats.

Weldon Lowe, Eldon Streck, Tashima, Marv Howard, and George Huling

Lost Friends Luncheon #44 - 13 Jan 2005

The ladies deserted us in January! We guys tried to muddle through lunch without you. Dennis Kaplan and Bill England had already left when I unlimbered the camera and got this picture of Doug Dreggors, Mike Crye, Larry Pavlicek, George Huling, Tashima, and Marvin Howard.

More pictures here or click on the picture at right.

Nothing but a bunch of hairy legged old men!


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