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Lost Friends Luncheon #21 - 13 Feb 2003

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Angie Rocha

Angie Rocha put in a long overdue appearance at the February Luncheon. It sure was good to see her again. When I asked where Steve was, she told me that he is still in D.C. with Uncle Sam's Military.

Lynne Saunder's sister Lou is in deep conversation with Joyce Guthrie and Diane Derks.

Joyce Guthrie, Lou Simas, and Diane Dercks

Liz and Bill Mertz

Bill Mertz put in a return appearance, this time bringing along his better half. Liz has her own MasterTech AutoCare at 3604 14th Street in Plano, and invites everyone to bring their car in.

And you please join us on the 13th of each month (following Monday if the 13th should fall on a weekend or holiday) at Tino's in Collin Creek Mall at 11:30 a.m.

Lost Friends Luncheon #22 - 13 Mar 2003

It was good to see Donna Hillhouse and Susan Acker at the March Luncheon. I used to do lots of reports for them way back when!

Donna Hillhouse and Susan Acker


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