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Lost Friends Luncheon #23 - 14 April 2003

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Surprise! Who should show up for the April luncheon but Corey Hess? Been a long time since we've seen him.

Corey Hess

Introducing Sam Perozzi

We all got caught by surprise when a young lady wearing a ball cap came nonchanantly strolling in pushing a baby carriage. It was Daria Perozzi and her son Sam, a fine looking young man. I don't think any of us even knew that Paul and Daria had a child, so we were really surprised.

Here's a closer view of Sam. Now young feller, you need to go home and tell your daddy to come see us too! It's been too long since we've seen him.

Come to think of it, you're such a spittin' image of him, you just come back!

Sam Perozzi

Lost Friends Luncheon #24 - 13 May 2003

Brenda Shepherd, Carol George, and Dortothy Claxton

After lots and lots of promises, Brenda Shepherd and Dorothy Claxton came by to have lunch with us. Here they are apparently warning Carol George about the guy behind her with the knife. Oh! Its' only a picture so don't get all shook up!

And you please join us on the 13th of each month (following Monday if the 13th should fall on a weekend or holiday) at Tino's in Collin Creek Mall at 11:30 a.m.

Carol George was all smiles and a welcome addition to the lunch bunch.

Carol George

Betty Merritt, Angie Rocha, and Charlotte Trimble

Betty Merritt, Angie Rocha, and Charlotte Trimble, some more folks we haven't seen in a while, are catching up.

Seeing these two together again made it seem just like the good old days. Brenda and Dorothy finally made it, and we were all glad to see them. Y'all be sure and come back, ya hear?

Brenda Shepherd & Dorothy Claxton


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