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Lost Friends Luncheon #27 - 13 August 2003

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Boy this brings back old times! I even remember when Joyce and Eldon shared an office. It was a pleasant surprise to see Joyce Guthrie and Eldon Streck together at lunch again.

Joyce Guthrie, Eldon Streck, and Jim Harrison

Melissa Cunningham, Kim Key, and Carol Avenna

The "still employed" gang was well represented too. Here's Melissa Cunningham, Kim Key, and Carol Avenna.

Wow, they look just bubbling over with good humor. Things must be going well at work.

George Huling was deep in discussion with Kris Mraz when I came in.

If anybody's looking for a good C/C++ programmer, Kris says he's available.


George Huling and Kris Mraz

Betty Merritt and Lynne Saunders

Betty and Lynne were catching up on pictures when I caught them. Betty said she and Red have been awfully busy this summer, and Lynne says she's still employed.


Here's Eldon Streck, Mike Crye, Tashima, Marv Howard, and Betty Merritt all preparing to enjoy some good Mexican Food.

Eldon Streck, Mike Crye, Tashima, Marv Howard, Betty Merritt

Betty Merritt, Angie Rocha, and Charlotte Trimble

Betty and Lynne are still looking at those pictures while Red waits on his lunch.

Lynne borrowed my camera and caught Eldon and I in a turn-about is fair play I suppose.

Eldon Streck & Jim Harrison


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